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Discover how your own conversations can help you move on from the painful end of your romantic relationships, divorce, or the loss of a partner.

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Are you feeling lost and confused in life? 
Don’t give up hope.
Don’t settle for less.
YOU are the creator of your future.


Gain the skills you need to embrace the next chapter of your life with ease, confidence, and a shameless understanding of who you are so you can find new relationships and fall in love again.

Inside of The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook, you will embark on a journey to your inner truth and joy. 

On this metaphorical journey within, you’ll visit many wonderful places, and learn more about yourself than you ever have before.

As an interactive workbook, each chapter has built-in exercises and a map to show you what lies ahead. 



This transformational adventure prepares you for the journey ahead by creating a vision for yourself. With your inner desires as a portrait, you’ll begin your journey, collecting useful tools and skill sets for the upcoming challenges. 



The journey begins at the top of a mountain with a majestic waterfall that turns into a river. As you follow the river that shapes its way through the natural scene, it leads you to new discoveries about yourself, and new realizations and an understanding of your life.


Between 12 wonderful points, you will boldly enter the canyon to discover and learn what makes you, YOU. Further along the way, you will go across the bridge that leads you to the root cause of your challenges.



With all this knowledge revealed, you will climb the highest mountain for a fresh breath of perspective and clarity. After the descent, you will say hello to the beavers, who will help you discover a new sense of inner knowledge that radiates a new self into the world.


Hi, I’m Iveta Kuzela, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Intuitive Leader.

I have dedicated my life to searching for answers and discovering the truth about what it means to love yourself, know who you are, maintain healthy and happy relationships, and live a joyful life. 

The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook is my proprietary method in a nutshell. It’s a way of sharing my life’s work with other women that desire more, but don’t know how to get started.


To learn more about how it all begins, head over to the About Page!


The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy isn’t just a book! 

It’s a workbook with a collection of carefully crafted exercises, examples of daily conversations, case studies, and questions that guide you step-by-step to unveil your truth. 

Courageously step within to reconnect with what makes you, YOU. 

Understand what it means to love your life once-and-for-all. 


What happens inside of The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook?

  • Through observing your conversations, you will discover why you hold certain beliefs, and find clues to why you think, act, and say things the way you do.

  • As you follow The Map of Truth, you will find wonderful realizations about yourself and others that plant a seed for meaningful connections and fluent conversations.

  • I will show you how to use your everyday conversations to discover the root causes of your life challenges.

  • The journey ahead is realistic, practical, and fun.

  • My step-by-step approach includes practical exercises, questions and answer prompts, and some stories about my life journey - because you’re not alone!

  • Each section has its own space to reflect, answer questions, and write down your thoughts and realizations. 

  • Every chapter has a case study about imaginary people in everyday life situations to provide a practical application of the chapter topic. 

  • At the end of each chapter is a brief summary of the topic of relationships and personal identity.

Click here to learn more about how the Map of Truth Method came to be.

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Keri Kulhanek, No-Longer-Single Mom to Three

Iveta has helped me take my trauma and turn it into power. After all of the bad advice I’ve received, and the many self-help books I’ve read since leaving my toxic ex, her method is a breath of fresh air. Her exercises are practical and realistic to implement. Her stories are relatable and informative. It feels incredible to know that I’m not broken and that even on the bad days, I can choose to feel like myself again by using her methods. 


J. H.

Iveta, you helped me to understand my life better. I'm no longer stressed about things I have no control over, and that makes my life a lot easier.

My attitude, performance and even sleep have improved significantly and I think other people have noticed as well. As a bonus, I lost a few pounds along the way!

Your techniques, optimistic approach and guidance gave me a sense of greater confident. I know I have my "tools" that I can use when needed. Thank you!

What are my readers saying?

Looking for more support?

It’s never too late to live your life fully. 

Take it a step further on your journey of self-discovery by working directly with me. I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and offer 1:1 coaching for women that are desiring a high-touch experience. 

I would love to support you so that you can enjoy the company of others with confidence and understanding while freely expressing your own needs and desires. Whether you desire connection in your professional or personal life, my methods work. 

Book a call through the button below so that we can do it together.

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Commit to a Journey of Joy and step into the special, loving, and confident person that is inside of you.

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