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Don’t let your life slip away.

Live it fully, live it now, live it with everything that comes. 

The pain crushed your heart like a thousand lightning strikes. You tried hard. You did all you could to keep things running smoothly. You spent countless hours doubting yourself, questioning your actions, and even thinking it was your fault. Worrying about what might happen in the fallout, you tried even harder. You courageously adjusted, hoping for a change that would sweep away all the tears, all the sadness.


But no matter what you did, what you wished for, it all somehow ended at the same spot.

The spot of hopelessness, the spot of anger and exhaustion, the spot of feeling lost. Everything you worked for is gone. Your identity was part of the foundation that collapsed into pieces, leaving you confused, lost and lonely.

Friends and family say, “move on” with your life; if only it were that easy. I know far too well how it feels to be in this place, and so do the women I help.

Like a stranger in your own life and surrounding who is trapped by circumstance, you might find yourself wondering:

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How do I dream when I have no idea what I want?

How do I love myself when I don’t even know who I am anymore?

How do I find motivation when I'm not sure which step to take next?

How can I experience joy when I'm overwhelmed by my new reality?

How do I start over now that everything I had is gone?

Hi, I’m Iveta Kuzela.

I’ve dedicated my entire career to helping women find the answers to those questions and reestablish their foundation after the painful end of their relationship so they can move on and truly live a life they love.

I myself have searched for those answers numerous times in my life. Not only after my divorce, but with each new milestone. After all, with every big shift in life comes change - both on the inside and out.

Those questions might seem like the enemy, lurking in the shadows, waiting to come to the light of day and crush our already broken hearts, but after a lifetime of analysis, I’ve learned that they are our greatest gift. They are clues into the foundation of who we are, and where we are meant to go - especially when life-altering change shakes our ground. 

On my life journey, I have gradually gathered information and techniques that open up new levels of self-awareness that helped me to get back on my feet and build a solid foundation of who I am.

  • I've learned how to know myself better while embracing all my flaws and imperfections

  • I've learned how to become a confident person who knows my own worthiness

  • I've learned how to stand up for myself and what I believe in


All of those things together have taught me how to find joy in my life, regardless of my circumstances. Now it’s my greatest honor to pay these lessons forward.  

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My Rock Bottom

A few years ago, I myself hit a rock bottom again as I tried to find my voice as an entrepreneur. I spent years building up to this point. I studied to become a Certified Integrative Health Coach. I'm recognized as a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). I have years of experience as a speaker, a coach, and an intuitive leader. 


Yet, even with all of the experience and credentials that I had, while following everyone's advice, I struggled. I tried to open doors to fulfill my passion of helping people by taking my work into the online world, but the more I tried, the worse it got. 


I jumped from one thing to another, hoping for a breakthrough. Nothing came of it, except that I lost myself in the process. I felt defeated and confused about my purpose. I was drained of energy, and my spark was gone. 


Over time it became clear that the only thing left for me to do was to close the doors of my online business and look for answers within. After all, this is what had worked in the past while overcoming my divorce and many other life-altering obstacles I encountered. 


I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t the greatest time. In the beginning, I felt there was no fight left in me. But I knew I had to rediscover my purpose if I ever wanted to create the business I had envisioned. 


I gathered all the strength I could find and dove deep, knowing that’s where the greatest self-discovery happens. As I was searching for answers, I used all the knowledge I’ve gained from my personal experiences, from my education, and from coaching other people. 


In the most vulnerable state of my inner self, I found clarity - and that is where my method was born. Now I share it with women who are searching for ways to mute the inner voice of discontent, sweep away the unfulfillment of life, and finally move on - because I know it works better than anything else! 


Everything I have experienced, learned about, and observed in the search for clarity, purpose while creating joyful life is gathered in The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook. I held nothing back. 


You might be wondering what sets my method apart from the rest. Even more so, how can a workbook elevate your life beyond a few bursts of inspiration? How can something so simple - so affordable - create such massive change? Let me explain.

As I searched for the best approach to help others, I realized that it's hard for us to move on after a life altering event turns everything upside down because we can’t see what needs to change. Before we can change anything in our lives, we first need to see it. Otherwise we remain stuck in the same circle - asking those shadow lurking questions, blinded by the pain and anger while wheeling around and wondering how much longer we can hold on.


My method was always lying in wait, I just couldn’t see it. I am bilingual, and I learned English mostly through listening to other people. Over time, I developed a unique understanding of the magnificent power our words hold. Everything, from how they are used to express our thoughts and feelings - to the effect they create in our lives.


The Rise of the Method


The Rise of the Method

This attention to the way that others communicate became a tool that helped me see past words, and understand the underlying messages within the conversations instead. However, my method didn’t fully click until I was trying to figure out how to help others gain the same self-awareness that I had. 

The answer was blindingly simple - change can only occur if you can see what needs to shift. So how can we cut through all of the confusion and finally see things clearly?


By following our own conversations.  

Yes! Our conversations hold all the clues and answers we are looking for. What we say day after day reveals what we think and how we feel at a subconscious level. Our conversations translate our opinions, what we value in life, even how much we love ourselves. The information is there, whether we are consciously sharing it or not. 

When you can recognize the trends and patterns in what you keep saying, who you’re saying it to, and how it’s being delivered and perceived, those are the clues that will guide you to uncover what is holding you back from what you truly desire. This works even if you’re clueless about what your next step is or what you actually want! The truth will unveil as you learn to apply these techniques. 


Although it can be easier to recognize these trends with the help of a mentor that has practice, it can be done just as well by yourself if you are willing to learn, do the work, and commit to the process of growth. That is what The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook is all about - showing you how to use your own conversations to find answers that are already inside you so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you always have the guidance that you need. 

Let me help you reconnect with your inner power so that you can create a new foundation you will build your life upon. A strong foundation that will carry you through rough times because YOU are at the core of it. Your values, your beliefs, your opinions. Always. 


The Rise of the Method


The Rise of the Method

Learn how to take communication one step further and discover the root causes of your life challenges by understanding how to interpret your daily conversations on your own timeline, in the privacy of your own home, without judgment or fear. 


The Map of Truth: A Journey to Joy Workbook is not only a good read - it’s my life’s work!

More than just a self-help workbook, this is a step-by-step roadmap with a collection of carefully crafted exercises, examples of daily conversations, case studies, and questions that guide you step-by-step to unveil your truth. 


Finally, gain the skills that you need to live your life in new ways with ease, confidence, shameless acceptance, and a joyful expression of who you are so that you can find new relationships and fall in love again. 

The Rise of the Method

Without this method, I never would have achieved such an colorful life. Building my foundation while traveling alone in my 20s, learning English as a second language, escaping my abusive first marriage through divorce was hard, but I knew I was meant for more. 


I shifted my conversations with each obstacle, and it changed everything. 


I found the love of my life in a second marriage - now 16 years and going strong! I’m blessed with two children and a beautiful family dynamic. I confidently changed careers while returning to school in my 30's. I never let my dreams of finding my voice disappear, and have achieved my dream of helping others by writing this transformational workbook. Now we’re changing lives, and this is just the beginning. 


If you're tired of slapping on a smile and feeling like a shell of who you once were, then it’s time. Uncover the root causes of your struggles so that you can step through the challenges that prevent you from feeling lit up by your life and finally feel free.  


Don't dwell on the past.
Don't make yourself small or put yourself last.
Don't avoid your needs to fulfill others' greed.
Don't put on a brave face and slap a smile across your face... mask the suffering, the pain, the loneliness, the blame.
Don't shy away from change worrying about the future's frame, your next chapter is ready to be rearranged.

The Map of Truth is your guide to build
your foundation that lasts.

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